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Day 6 and Still Going Strong

I am on my sixth day of the Eggnog Challenge and I feel victory within my grasp.  I must admit that there were many moments of weakness, where I truly thought that there was no way I could complete such a stupid task. In the past 6 days my weight has dropped 10lbs, I have felt beyond weak to the point of pure exhaustion, and I am constantly irritable to mostly everyone.  I also have gone through practically every type of eggnog available in order to keep myself from getting sick of it. 

Note: If you are in the market for eggnog I would suggest Hood's Golden Eggnog or Pumpkin Eggnog.  They are delicious. 

Last night I had my first dream where I was eating during it.  There were two things that went wrong with that dream.  Number 1, I was eating Chinese food and street meat and number 2, I woke up feeling guilty as if I actually did something wrong.  Needless to say I am mentally in this and anxiously wait for Friday at midnight where I will be able to ingest solid foods.  Thank you all for the support in this ridiculously stupid challenge.





It Has Begun.....

Every year a group of friends get together on the 1st of December and celebrate the arrival of the holiday season in the most appropriate way possible.  By consuming only eggnog for an entire week.  This is my 4th year attempting to complete the entire week of drinking only eggnog, where in the past I have lasted no longer than 4 days.  Always an Eggnog Failure.  In order to kick off the eggnog challenge, a group of us gathered together at midnight to share in a Nog Bomb.  If you would like to learn more about the challenge and see updates from all the people participating.  Check out the event page or Twitter.



I have taken a while to write the follow up for this post, most likely because I would rather not relive my failures for all to hear.  However it needs to be done.  Sadly I was not able to complete the eggnog challenge.  I would like to think that the cause was not based on my inability to physically complete the task, but rather the motivation behind it.  Without anything on the line I was left with no real reason to stay in it when temptation arose.  I ended up lasting around 3 days before i succumbed to the temptation of some amazing food and alcohol.  I will say that living in New York City makes it extremely difficult to complete challenges such as this.  If you would like to see how others faired please check out the Facebook group.  There are some amazing photos!  Also See below for a brief video of myself and Sonny Frazee doing a Nog Bomb. 



The Eggnog Challenge 

This year marks my third attempt at the Eggnog Challenge.  It is a grueling weeklong competition where individuals will test their bodies and their Christmas spirit in an attempt to consume only eggnog for an entire week.  Of course like any competition there are provisions to ensure survival and alcohol consumption.  Contestants can drink an unlimited amount of water and may consume alcohol providing that it is equal proportion to the eggnog.  No food whatsoever is allowed.  Each year I have attempted and failed slowly increasing my time.  The first year I lasted 2 days and eventually caved in due to a horrible hangover caused by a concoction I came up with the first night.   The cocktail were Nog-Bombs, which was eggnog dropped into some Guinness.  Last year lasting a full three days I ultimately fell victim to a high-class party that was serving Glenlivet 18 yr and fantastic food.  I will say this, I lasted 2 drinks of 18 yr and eggnog before I realized what I was doing was crazy and probably sacrilegious in some places.  This year I enter in with a stable and capable mind, as it is the first year that I will be in the same town as the founders of the challenge, Livingston Ordway and Sonny Frazee.  (Yes the popular Sonny Frazee of Sonny’s Sentence).  If you would like to stay updated on everyone competing please visit the Facebook event.  Good luck to all contenders and may your stomachs be strong.