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New Orleans

New Orleans is full of life, great food, and natural disasters. Two of those reasons were why I made my third trip down there to celebrate Mardi Gras. I feel I went at three very crucial points in my life that allowed me to experience the city in dramatically different ways. 

 I was 18 years old the first time I went to Mardi Gras.  I am fairly certain that all I packed that year was my fake ID and a duffel bag full of beads acquired at a local party stop. It truly was a college kid's paradise, however it is important to remember a college kid's paradise can also be bought dirt cheap. We camped about 40 minutes outside of New Orleans, where it rained constantly, and our tents floated from campsite to campsite.  During my first night there, I sadly was victim of a pretty bad car accident (not due to inebriation) which left me toothless (just front 4 teeth?). However, this did not stop me from making the most of my time there.  I spent the rest of the trip ignoring doctor’s orders and pretending I was a mute as I sucked down Hand Grenades. In spite of losing my teeth (or maybe because of it), it was the craziest experience of my life up to that point. 

 My second trip was when I was 21, following the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.  I went down with a smaller group with no set plans other than hoping that we would be able to make the most of it.  We were lucky enough this time to stay at a friend’s house in Baton Rouge. We soon realized that even after one of the most destructive events to occur to their city, everyone was still in high spirits and celebrating as much as ever. Being 21 opened up a plethora of new things to explore. We were able to go into bars without fear, we had some semblance of an income so we could actually afford to buy drinks without wondering how we were planning on paying next semester's tuition, and we were more aware of what was going on and conversed with people to find out the best places to go and the best parades to check out.

 I don't think I saw a single parade the first time I went to Mardi Gras. At the time I was more focused on trading beads with young uninhibited women. Now I am 28 and this experience was even more distinctive than the other two. This year, I rented a house for myself and my friends in New Orleans and did not have to worry about a designated driver as we planned on taking cabs everywhere with a credit card that would get plenty of use. I was able to experience some of the best food New Orleans has to offer and probably every drink as well. On top of everything, I had the honor of attending a wedding down there afterwards that truly exemplified New Orleans culture. 

 There is no place quite like New Orleans.  The variety of sights, trom the French Quarter, which closely resembles a frat party turned loose on the streets, to Frenchman Street, where you can hear some of the best live music possible, to day-trips to places like Jackson Square and City Park, makes New Orleans a truly breath taking city. I know my liver is very upset with me so I will be taking some time to detox after such a long excursion out there, but I can say without question it was (and always will be) worth it. 


What is the most baller Jeopardy player ever?

Last week was the teen tournament on Jeopardy and I especially love watching teen week because it is even easier to desimate while watching alone in my living room.  However this young fellow was hilarious.  The man played like a boss and deserved to win.  Watch the highlights from the finals below.  Also his final Jeopardy answer is hilarious.





Fools Fest 2013

I have just returned from Mardi Gras and I am already thinking to the future.  The excitement of Fools Fest has begun.  It is a yearly tournament where teams from all over the country gather to play ultimate along and celebrate by having one of the most foolish times ever.  We have sent a SUNY Buffalo/Albany alumni team for the past 4 years and cannot be more excited for our 5th trip.  It is one of the only opportunities where all of our close friends are able to get together, party and reminisce on times long past.  We recently just completed our video bid for the tournament. 

Each year we have sent in a video showing why we should be accepted into the tournament.  Check out our videos from 2012 and 2011

The theme for 2013 was to display our team hanging out with “Flat Jesty” a cartoon drawing of a jester.  We decided to make it more into a love story. 


37 Days Until Fools Fest. 


Ferri Makes a Music Video

During my recent trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras my friend Ferri decided to make a music video while alone in the apartment.  It makes me laugh every time I see it and the song is pretty catchy as well.  Enjoy!


Adjustments from Childhood

I always found the game of Guess Who to be a little to easy.  As an adult I have made adjustments to the game to 1. Involve drinking and 2. Allow room for interpretation.  In my version you cannot ask questions based on physical characteristics but rather questions based around what you assume about their personality and back-story.  For example, questions could be.


Does your person look like he would ever run for political office?

Is your person a cross dresser on the weekends?

Does your person have daddy issues?

Would you say that your person most likely has a fruit allergy?


Granted with this version you may not have the same person at the end, but if you do it is amazing and if not you still have a grand time because you are drinking throughout the entire game.


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