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Tribeca Film Festival 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the red carpet premiere of the film Summer of Blood at the Tribeca Film Festival.  While discussing the festival with my friend, I realized that I have attended the festival every year since I have moved to the city.  It is truly a great event that occurs annually in New York and a wonderful opportunity to see unique films.  In a world where almost every major film produced now is either a sequel, remake, or based on a comic book, it is refreshing to see something that has a plot line that strays away from the norm.  The director and star of the film was funny and extremely witty.  His banter afterwards and his general appearance was very Galifianakian (Not a real word but I hope you know what I mean).  Everyone should go to the Tribeca Film Festival and experience the culture that surrounds independent film and the hard work that these filmmakers put into creating their vision.  It is remarkable.


Dressing in the Spirit

This is a picture of a friend and I back in 2009 during a charity Santa race.  We may not have won the race, but we won the fun.


Looking at the Past

This photo is of my 4th grade class.  Someone posted it on Facebook asking a mutual friend “how many people he could tag in it” When I took a look at it, I thought it was amazing to see how many people I could not only easily communicate with via social media, but how there were people in that photo I still regularly see and hang out with. 


Bow Ties are Fly

Finally the world has decided to recognize my amazing style (or at least Greenwich).  I along with a bunch of my friends were featured in the local newspaper displaying our outfits for a polo match that we attended. 


Ryan and the Game Show

I recently competed on the NBC game show Million Second Quiz, which was a crazy experience to say the least.  It consisted of hours upon hours of tests and waiting in rooms just hoping that you would get picked to be on the show.  After finally making it through all the paperwork and testing I was informed that I was going to be on Million Second Quiz to compete. 

The concept of the show for anyone who is unaware is that players compete in a head to head battle where one of them is in the “money chair”.  That person is making $10 a second for the duration of his time in the chair.  His goal is to make enough money to become one of the top 4 contestants, where they would then go into the winners circle.  It was a very ambitious concept for a game show and was something that has never been done before.  As I waited for my turn to go on, I saw people coming out of the room with their head down looking defeated.  I asked what happened and it seemed that the person in the chair was a former champion of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  Not only that, he was one of the biggest winners in the shows history.  Needless to say that shook my confidence.  When I finally was called into the room I saw Ed still in the chair.  At that point he had already racked up almost $80,000.   It was a 500 second bout and each question was worth 1 point. 

The first question was asked and I had no clue what the answer is.  To be honest I do not even remember what the question was.  I just remember seeing it and thinking, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.  I am way out of my league” I guessed incorrectly and he took an early lead.  After that, we both keep answering correctly until a question came up asking which film was not adapted into a Lego play set.  Options were A) Lone Ranger B) World War Z C) The Hobbit or D) Star Wars.  He guessed Lone Ranger, getting it wrong.  I answered the correct response of World War Z to tie the game up.  We remained tied until the final 20 seconds of the match where I guessed wrong on two consecutive questions, giving him a lead that could not be regained.  Afterwards we shook hands and he told me that I really had him worried.  That alone made the whole thing worth it.